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Offering Plastic Scrap Waste

•ABS scrap, HDPE scrap, LDPE scrap, PBT scrap, PC scrap, PE scrap, PET scrap, PP scrap, PU scrap, PVB scrap, PVC scrap, TPU scrap, plastic scrap, plastic waste, recycled plastic, scraps plastic and waste plastic.



Plastic Scrap Exporter

We are involved in trading and supplying a superior quality range of Plastic Scrap. The offered scarp is used in various bottle making companies for fabricating excellent range of bottles. With the help of our vendors, we are offering this scrap in standard as well as in other related specifications provided by our prestigious clients.

we can offer :

  • PVC Scrap Resins (E-PVC S-PVC ), off-spec (semi-(rigid), soft) from pipe, window, film, credit card, compounding powder & granulate, medical, bags & tubes, bookbinding film, cables, shoe sole, etc.
  • PC scrap, bottles, CD, DVD, Scrap grinded, re-granulated, powder, resins, PC-GF, metalized/de-metalized, diskettes, sheets, bottles, film and video film, automotive film.
  • PC-ABS, /PC-PBT grinded computer/TV cases. PC/ABS/Acrylic shredded from automotive rear/light.
  • PET Scrap (APET, PET-G) bottles, sheets, film, lumps, performs, fiber, grinded, bales and re-granulated, natural color.
  • PP Scrap, BOPP, PP+GF scrap BOPP metalized, clear film & printed, grinded, natural (homo (co) polymer).
  • LDPE film scrap, HDPE,HMWPE, LLDPE, super market qualities (50/50%, 95/5%, 98/2%, 100% natural film ), used agricultural film clear, lumps film, shopping bags, crate, drum, pipe re-granulated, re-grinded and bales.
  • PE/PA film on rolls and bales scrap and off grade.
  • PS Scrap (GPPS, HIPS, EPS, OPP film): Injection & extrusion grinded, CD cases, re-granulate. EPS compressed rolls/bales and beads off grade K-resin hanger, natural.
  • PVB Scrap film natural, Rolls, trimming, grinded, re-granulate, lumps, automotive and construction grade.
    Engineering plastics: [Scrap, off grade, prime] ABS, PMMA, PC, SAN, POM, PA (6, 66, 11, 12) PA+GF (10-40%) PVB, PBT, PPO, TPU, TPO, TPE, EPDM, EVC, PC/ABS, PC/PBT, CA, CP, UF, UM.